A London MP Thinks Young People Aren’t Worth The Effort – Let’s Tell Him And Anyone Else Who Needs Enlightening Exactly WHY They’re Wrong!

Earlier this year Ciara reached out to a number of MPs across London to arrange MP work experience opportunities for our wonderful Emily Tree Ambassadors. An MP came back with a one-liner that speaks volumes:





Can you believe it??

No? Great! Neither could we, so let’s try and do something about it..

Support the #WorthTheEffort Campaign!

  • Lisa#worththeeffortTweet/email/whatever your local candidates to find out whether they think you’re #WorthTheEffort, and if so how they would intend to show it should they be elected.  Encourage them to tweet their response. Chase them (digitally!) if they ignore you.
  • Spread the message around your networks. We’re looking for selfies of girls (and dudes, I suppose!) holding signs saying ‘I’m worth the effort because…’

Not sure what to write? Think about your achievements so far, your ambitions for the future, the qualities you’re proud of. Anything at all!

We think a collection of these will make a really powerful and beautiful statement with the potential to go viral (we live in hope)!


Last Modified on April 29, 2015
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