A London MP Thinks Young People Aren’t Worth The Effort – Let’s Tell Him And Anyone Else Who Needs Enlightening Exactly WHY They’re Wrong! Earlier this year Ciara reached out to a number of MPs across London to arrange MP work experience opportunities for our wonderful Emily Tree Ambassadors. An MP...

Audio Emily Tree Talking Young Women, Politics and #XXVote on Podium.me

The other week we had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Camilla Byk of Podium.me – she does amazing work training up young journalists and offering them a platform for their content. They interview young people about a range of issues that affect them to make sure their voices are heard.

So as you can imagine, we’re pretty smitten.

Anyway, we just about count as young people still so here’s us talking about all things Emily Tree and our ups and downs over the last few months, as well as some great thoughts about young women and voting (or not voting) from other young people at the launch of #XXVOTE

Listen here:

Gallery The International Women’s Day March

On the 8th of March, International Women’s Day, we marched in solidarity with women and girls in the world’s poorest countries where they have to spend their days walking for water. We joined hundreds of passionate people, including Annie Lennox, Jacqueline Wilson, Gemma Arterton, Mary Creagh  and Paloma Faith to Walk in her Shoes, organised by Care International.

We have a special regard for Care, as its driving force is the indomitable Helen Pankhurst – yes, that’s right, of THE Pankhursts! While her Suffragette ancestors, Emmeline, Sylvia and Christabel, fought tirelessly to secure rights for women in the UK, Helen takes a more global view.

We Walked in her Shoes because at The Emily Tree we too believe that until  women around the world are raised up, none of us can say we are equal.

Women and girls suffer disproportionately from poverty, and there is now almost universal agreement that they are also the key to solving it. Women are the human rights and development issue of the 21st century.

It is not only women in this country who will benefit from a more representative parliament and hearing more female voices. A more equal UK will help bring about a more equal world – it will make sure our foreign policy and aid reflects the fact that women are crucial to development .

The below gallery offers a snapshot of the gathering on the 8th in all its glory:

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