Today’s the Day – Cast Your Vote!

The 7th of May is finally upon us! After six weeks of political parties trying to pull out each other’s hair, it is finally time for the people to cast their vote. The form of democracy we practice in the UK is far from perfect, but the right to vote is a liberty both men […]


A London MP Thinks Young People Aren’t Worth The Effort – Let’s Tell Him And Anyone Else Who Needs Enlightening Exactly WHY They’re Wrong! Earlier this year Ciara reached out to a number of MPs across London to arrange MP work experience opportunities for our wonderful Emily Tree Ambassadors. An MP came back with a one-liner that […]

The International Women’s Day March

On the 8th of March, International Women’s Day, we marched in solidarity with women and girls in the world’s poorest countries where they have to spend their days walking for water. We joined hundreds of passionate people, including Annie Lennox, Jacqueline Wilson, Gemma Arterton, Mary Creagh  and Paloma Faith to Walk in her Shoes, organised […]