Who Are We?

Ciara, Co-FounderCIARA

Ciara wrote the below biographies because she’s far more articulate than anyone else here at The Emily Tree. Ciara does everything: she’s a carer, a teacher, a speech-writer, a political cross-stitcher and our lead craftivist here at The Emily Tree.  She can also deliver a wonderful Vagina Monologue. Ciara manages our relationships – she’s very charming, you see. If you’ve a question, it’s probably her that’ll reply. If you work with us, she’s probably the one that got you on board.

10433313_10152664800114271_7022725433502497913_nAlice, Co-Founder

Alice lives and breathes non-profits. She worked for Coventry Refugee Centre whilst at university, and lived in Bolivia for some months working on an HIV project. She currently works for The Challenge, the UK’s leading social integration charity.

I know everyone says they like new challenges but Alice is something else. She learnt Italian so she could live in Venice for a bit, she learnt to kayak just for a weekend – and she learnt how to make and edit a video for us on an iPad (which she had never picked up before) in 24 hours for an Emily Tree deadline. Basically, Alice does all the hard stuff for us that I’m scared of – I’m like a wimpier Robin to her Batman.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering – yes, she is a licensed fork-lift driver.



Katie, Social KATIEMedia Coordinator

Katie has always curated internet for me; I get the weirdest and most wonderful news from her first – especially if it concerns women’s history or dinosaurs.  Asking her to curate the internet for The Emily Tree was the best idea ever! She makes sure our social media followers don’t miss a thing (especially if it concerns women’s history or dinosaurs, obv). She is also our unofficial agony aunt – she has unlimited patience for listening to others and seemingly unlimited space in her heart for people. If my mum wasn’t my mum, I’d like Katie to be my mum.



Dani, Digital Media and MarketingIMG_0152

When we were mortified about being stereotypical girls who didn’t know how to make websites, Dani swept in – our golden-haired knightess in shining digital armour. Dani’s talents span music, literature and HTML and she’s currently working at digital marketing agency Builtvisible.

She joined the team in 2015 to manage our web presence to help achieve our goals and grow this year.