About Us

At The Emily Tree we saw some problems.

reemThings that matter to young women – to over 50% of the future electorate – like sex education, street harassment, FGM – do not get the parliamentary time and attention they deserve.

This is perhaps not surprising given that those impacted most severely by these issue are women, not men, and women currently make up as little as just over 1 in 5 of our political representatives – the people with the power to make change.

With the number of men far outstripping the number of women in parliament, it is not a huge surprise that motions like getting rid of the tampon tax aren’t going to be high on the list of priorities — the vast majority of those required to address the issue have never needed to use them!

At best, girls are disenfranchised – the will is there but they don’t know how to learn about issues affecting them and speak up. At worst, girls see politics and social issues as irrelevant and boring.

Some young women believe that even if they did talk, no one would listen.

Quotas aren’t working. Citizenship lessons are not working.


Our solution is fun, free and informal events for teenage girls to learn and talk about the issues that affect them.

We’re sick of hearing that ‘young people need to be heard’ when there’s no accessible way for them to do it!

We want to get into schools and youth groups, recruit interns for MPs and train up teenage Emily Tree Ambassadors to spread the love in their communities. We’ve created a programme of opportunities to help give young women the experience they need to do so.

The  feedback we’ve received suggests our approach, while simple, is unique.

Our recipe includes a sprinkling of arts and crafts, support from an array of campaigning groups, youth groups and politicians and a big ol’ tree.

We grateful to be working with an inspiring host of partners – visit our partners page to learn more.